How to Configure WRT54G as an Access Point

I recently installed a new router/firewall in the office. I was using the WRT54G as my firewall and router. However, I only needed an access point for my laptop and wireless devices. The manual was not very helpful in suggesting what needed to be done. This post describes the steps I took to successfully configure the WRT54G as an access point only.

Use your favorite web browser and use (the factory default, you may have already changed yours).

Step 1 – Backup your current configuration, just in case
Select the Administration tab and then the Config Management link. Click the Backup button to download your current configuration. These can be used to restore the router to the current configuration if you need to on this same page.

Step 2 – Reset the router to the factory defaults
You may want to skip this. I did just to make sure some odd setting I changed would not cause problems later. Press and hold the reset button for at least 5 seconds.

Step 3 – Disable the DHCP server
Assuming your new router/firewall acts as a DHCP server, you need to disable the WRT54G DHCP server. Go to the Setup tab and make sure Disable is selected beside DHCP Server.

While you are on this page, you might want to double check the Time Zone is correct.

Click Save Changes.

Step 4 – Change the operation mode
Click the Advanced Routing link on the Setup page. Make sure Router is selected beside Operating Mode.

Click Save Changes.

Step 5 – Connect the WRT54G to your network
Connect a cable from you router/firewall to a LAN port on the WRT54G. Do not connect the cable to the Internet port. That will not work.

That should do it! You will want to change the wireless settings to make it more secure. The manual will help you accomplish that.

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