New Grails Website Launched

Just before Black Friday, a new consumer website went live. The website was developed using Grails, but wasn’t the typical build-from-scratch website. While the website makes use of Grails, various Grails plugins, jQuery and third party web services, it also accesses a legacy database on an IBM i server (also known as AS400 and iSeries).

comIT, LLC participated in the development, which was led by Denoncourt Consulting. New domain objects were introduced and integrated with existing tables/files on the IBM i. Being able to mix new domain objects, some of which extended existing legacy tables, integrate with third party web services as well as utilize Grails plugins, enabled this website’s development and deployment in a short time frame. The Grails ecosystem and community support continues to amaze me.

comIT, LLC assisted in areas of project management, continuous integration, design as well as implementation of various back-end services.

The website was developed for Kettler USA, which manufacturers products for bikes, fitness, patio, table tennis and toys. Stop by and check it out.

As time permits, I may write about some of the features I contributed. You may also want to check out Denoncourt’s Blog for information about how the project was developed.

Thanks to all the contributors to Grails and it’s plugins for enabling the team to make this project a success!

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